Hey we’re in Minnesota…let’s ice skate!

The 1994 winter Olympics, it’s when I became a figure skating fan.  Nancy Kerrigan.  Tonya Harding. (That incident that made us all dislike Tonya Harding).  Oksana Baiul.  Triple axels, a double, spins—I loved it all.   The only tiny problem was the way that me and my sister could re-create this was on our roller skates.  So we did and we were pretty good…I even thought I could one day be a professional roller skater (yeah, that didn’t pan out…).

Yep, practically a professional skater at 5...great pony tail scrunchie matching, Mom!

Then one day I just happened to be with a group of friends that were going ice skating, how hard could ice skating be?  The answer: not hard at all.  It turned into my favorite winter activity.  Here’s a little highlight on some of my favorite places to ice skate in MSP.

Centennial Lakes is a favorite.  There is lots of room to skate, plus you are actually skating on a pond.  You can entertain yourself for hours skating around under bridges and watching your friends dive into the snowbanks on the side.  Also, I have heard that they play movies on occasion.  The fancy warming house has fire places.  It is very magical.

I would recommend bringing fun friends to skate with!

I’ve never thought Rice Park would be a very fun place to skate.  1.) it’s in St. Paul (where I don’t tend to frequent on the weekends). 2.) the rink looks small.  After making a trip there this weekend I came away feeling like it was a success.  First of all it’s super cheap ($2 for skate rental or free if you have a Wells Fargo card) and it’s amid beautifully lighted trees in downtown St. Paul.  The rink was not very busy, so even though it was small it didn’t seem crowded at all.  Magical but not quite on the same level as Centennial Lakes (although pretty sure I did see Nancy Kerrigan there).

Thanks Kari for showing me the wonder and joy of skating in Rice Park!



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