Home, home is where we love the State Fair

I’ve been back in the good ‘ole US of A for almost two weeks now!  I’ve been crazy busy catching up on everything–work, the Twins, seeing friends, etc.  Some great times have been had to wrap up the summer, although when you are done with school summer is not really over until the date on the calendar tells me it’s fall.

The State Fair started 2 days after returning home…instead of working everyday at the fair like last year I just spent one weekend there–one day working and one day hanging out with friends, which made me appreciate the fair even more (and people here love their state fair).

We met up with some of our good friends, Joe and Justin

We really did eat our way through the fair this year--first stop sweet corn!

I tried the mashed potatoes on a stick and loved them!

After eating lots of food we stopped to brush our teeth!

Other highlights since being home include playing tour guide to my Italian cousin and his friends who just happened to be in Minneapolis for the weekend–we went to the Stone Arch bridge, the Guthrie and Chipotle (of course), where the manager gave them their dinners for free!

This weekend has included: movie in the park with friends, family hay wagon rides, movie night with some great girls, being reunited with Target Field and the Twins, driving my friends around south Minneapolis and listening to the Labor Day mix all Labor Day.  It’s been a good Labor Day–oh and have I mentioned that this is the first Labor Day in 2 years that I am not laboring (working), while it is and it’s good.

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