How to wear: legwarmers

Before today there were only two things that changed my life (fashion-wise):  leggings and scarfs.  Now I am proud to say there is one more thing to add to that list: legwarmers!  Yes, we’re bringing them back Minneapolis.

All of my favorite items of clothing.

You might say, “Really Amber, can we get over the 1980s and please NOT wear legwarmers?”  Hello, have you worn them? In the short 2 hours I have been wearing them I have found the awesomeness to outweigh the potential ridiculousness:

1.) they are warm

2.) they cover up the giant bruises on my legs from biking 30 miles (I realize this might not be an issue for everyone)

3.) I never wore legwarmers as a child so I’m just catching up with everyone else.

Now, onto the important part: how to wear legwarmers.  First of all see the above picture, this is mainly how I will be wearing them.  From my extensive googling research I learned that you can also wear them with tights and heels.  I might try this out for the December wedding I’m going to.   Don’t be nervous, you can wear legwarmers too.  Your legs will thank you when it is -30 degrees out.

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