Irrational (but rational) fear

…of all the things to worry about at The Office I come to read this:

As the weather warmed up, mice took up residence under the dome. Despite the best efforts of Capitol engineers, they’ve thrice been seen in the press corps offices and other spots in the basement. (If you want to join the effort to name the mouse use the hashtag#namethecapitolpressmouse on Twitter. See some of the suggestions here.) Full Star Tribune article

This may be one of my great, irrational fears: mice.  Maybe it’s because of the family stories of mice—you know the one found floating in the crockpot, the one in the hubcap, the toaster, the bathroom at my grandparent’s house…

I’m mostly focusing on watching where I walk (especially in the basement) and keeping my feet up at my desk.  I’m taking any chances.

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