The Chart Show

The Current is counting down their top 89 from 2010.  I thought I’d share my votes, some quality music!

10.  Vampire Weekend: Giving up the Gun [my friend calls them preppy]

9.  Communist Daughter: Not the Kid [I saw them in Loring Park this summer and they bring out your hipster side]

8.  Dan Mangan: Road Regrets [Great video, I think we will hear more of Dan Mangan in 2011]

7.  Atmosphere: Freefallin’ [I couldn’t find a clip of this song, but it’s good, trust me.  And they are from Minneapolis too]

6.  Janelle Monae: Cold War [She has a great voice…and amazing hair, really how does one get their hair to stay like that?]

5.  Arcade Fire: The Suburbs [They are catchy and I bet 5 million people will like them in 2011.

4.  Florence and the Machine: Dog Days Are Over [This reminds me of summer and makes my heart so happy.  I especially like to listen to it in winter.]

3.  The National: Bloodbuzz Ohio [They have unique voices I also like their song “Terrible Love” it was hard to chose what song to vote for.]

2.  Dawes: When My Time Comes [I saw them in concert this year and they were amazing. I don’t want to listen to their songs on my ipod because of how great they sound live.  Minneapolis loves Dawes.]

1.  Mumford and Sons: Winter Winds [This year everyone loves Mumford which makes concert tickets hard to get.  Goal in 2011- see them live.  I would recommend every song in their “Sigh No More” album to a friend.  Every. song.  They are that good.

*Honorable mention: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Home

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