How to be an adult: buy a car.

I just bought a car.  I just BOUGHT a car!  I JUST BOUGHT A CAR!!!!!  My 2007 Ford Focus would like to say hello to you:

Welcome to my life new car, welcome.

My roommate asked if I bought it on a whim…one might say whim only because I went to the dealership yesterday, asked to see their Ford Focuses, drove it and then boom I was putting it on hold and asking my dad if he could come see it (because adults still need their dad’s help, especially with cars).  To be fair, I have been looking for a car for about two months and wanted to get one before the first snowfall so this wasn’t a complete whim…although I could even tell that the salesman knew he didn’t have to work too hard to convince me to buy it…

After signing my name to 10958 billion papers I am now a newer 100% non-loan paying car owner.  I will miss my old car (actually I probably won’t) but I’ve been driving it for nine years, yep NINE years, so it’s time to move on.

See you later Geo, thank you for your hundreds of thousands of miles...sorry I drove you into a house...twice...

p.s. While waiting at the dealership we saw a woman with two tiny dogs wearing pink parkas, pink bows and sitting on a pink blanket.  It was phenomenal.

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