A lesson in numbers

I have this secret talent of remembering dates.  If you tell me your birthday I will remember it forever.  Unfortunately this is the only numbers-related talent I have, so I embrace it.

This comes in handy for my job.  I schedule a bazillion things a week for my job and then someone will ask me, “what’s going on July 14?” and boom I can list off the three things on the calendar for that date.   Awesome, right?

Today’s conversation at The Office went something like this:

Boss: “So this weekend’s really busy, especially on Saturday…”

Me:  (looking over the calendar) “Yes, Saturday you will be busy.”

Boss: “And Sunday I have a few things too.”

Me:  “Yeah, and Sunday is your anniversary.”

Boss: panicked look…”THIS SUNDAY?”

Me: “Yes, June 12th, right?”

Boss: “I forgot all about that, I better start planning!”

Life lesson: even if your anniversary is on a calendar you look at everyday you may forget.  If you are lucky someone will just remind you of all the important dates in your life.

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