Month of happiness…!

The last time I posted was back in February– I KNOW, I know- FEBRUARY.  That was so long ago.  I guess a lot has happened…in two months…in two weeks…so here’s a brief recap of things that have made me happy lately.

A wedding!

My friends David and Lindsey got married in early March.  They are really wonderful.  Their wedding was wonderful.  It has been so fun to see them fall in love!

Friends reunited! (photo credit to Laura--her pictures are always so amazing)

Girl Scout Cookies!

This year at the Office a co-worker’s daughter sold us all GS cookies.  I think it’s not just the number cookies I have consumed (let’s not talk about that) but probably the fact that GS cookies make every situation better.  Have to go testify in committee?  Let me give you a GS cookie.  Had a terrible meeting?  GS cookie.  I am fairly confident they are getting us through session.

Of Monsters and Men!

Like like like this band a lot.  I discovered them last summer (before they were popular) and this past week they played a sold out show in Mpls.  They were SO great.   I’ll be buying their album when it comes out this week.

A boy!

I went to California a few weeks ago to visit friends and see a boy…it was SO good.

It turns out that this boy, Marc is pretty awesome and we’re pretty happy!  He likes things I like: obscure indie music, local brews, The Hunger Games, baseball, Jesus and adventures…he’s also good at convincing me to to like awesome things like Disney.  Yep, totally went to Disney and LOVED it (we’re all surprised).  We’re pretty pumped for fun trips on the horizon–he’s coming to Mpls soon and then there’s Boston in May for: baseball, breweries and history (if only it started with a “B”…)…yep, really liking this guy…

Now that March is caught up, April can properly start.

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