Twins Series Opening Day Special: How to get on the field

Last season I had the amazing opportunity to go on the field before two baseball games!  Even I’m not quite sure how it all happened–mostly know the right people, have a boss that “needs” staff with him and you will be on the field in no time!  Here are some things you should do when you are on Target Field.

You should embrace the fact that you get to go to -1 (the elevators to the field) and walk out by the third base line.

The stadium is gigantic from down here!

You should be sure to wear the right colors for your team.  In my attempt to look professional the first time I went on the field I drove to the park wearing *gasp* yellow and blue.  Guess who we were playing, that’s right–the Brewers.

You should take a picture with TC.  There are 5 other people on the field with you who are not Twins employees or baseball players.  Take a picture with the bear.

TC and I are pretty much BFF by this point.

You should probably take stalker field pictures of the players since you could run and give them a high five.  (Note: there is also a lot of security so you probably shouldn’t run towards a player).

You should walk on the grass.  I’ve done it and they did not yell at me.  I just heard when you take the tours they are very adamant about no grass walking.

You should ask to stay on the field especially if there are parachuter’s jumping on to the field.  You will probably lean against the opposing team’s dugout when this is happening–plus they might forget you are not suppose to be on the field and you will be able to go sit with by the Twins for the game–this didn’t happen to me but I’m optimistic that it might happen, one day.

Hanging out with the players, seeing a parachuter before the game.

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