Meet my new plant!

I would like to introduce you to my new plant, Phalaenopsis, otherwise known as Phal:

Phal, in her plastic wrap until tomorrow, when she meets my co-workers and arrives at her new home!

After much consideration I chose Phal mostly because she is a beautiful plant and a lady at the store was looking at it enviously when I was contemplating buying it.

The tag told me that Phal prefers medium light (perfect), warm temperatures (an excuse for me to tell plant management- no pun intended- to keep the temp in my office warm) and water every 5-7 days (ideal).  After a little research on wikipedia   “they have become extremely easy to grow and flower in the home, as long as some care is taken to provide them with conditions that approximate their native habitats.”  My office will be nothing like the native habitat (Asia) but I will do my best to keep Phal alive—although there was some doubt by the cashier in my ability to care for Phal.  Perhaps in the days to come I will post a picture of Phal in her new home, happy and content.

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