Summer strangeness

I love this.  Summer warmth is here!  It’s like the sun wants to give us a big hug.  There will be no complaining about “excessive heat” from me.  Strange things happen when it starts to get hot…

I find myself buying A LOT of fruit…or maybe it was just the screaming toddler at the store that somehow pushed me over the edge to buy raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and bananas.

Yes, I will eat all that fruit and yes that's strawberries on my salad.

Don’t worry Mom I had some dairy and peanut butter—all food groups were represented in my dinner.

I wear all black…I know you are thinking, “that girl is craaaaaaaazy.”  For some unknown reason I decided to forgo all fun skirts/dresses and “summer” clothing today at work.  I think it was mostly because I was trying to accomodate some shoes that I am attempting to break in.

Yes I wore these for 9 hours today, no I didn't fall.

You see I’m in a wedding this weekend and I don’t want to trip while walking down the aisle so I think I broke these in.  Jenna, Nathan you guys can get married now; I am ready.

Pavement Failure.  That’s right I saw that on my drive home via the 94.  This caused me a little bit of concern that the pavement that I was driving on at that very moment was going to fail and my car would fall into a giant sinkhole.  Since I was too busy driving to take a picture of “Pavement Failure” I’m going to share this delightful video from MNDot about merging, because people need to learn a few things.

Yes, that’s right you just learned about zipper merging, you are welcome.

Concluding our summer strangeness a certain team that I will not mention by name has been doing surprisingly well, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Road construction kicked in the shins (finally)

Google MN road construction and this is what you will main road, first image.

Summer = road construction, I wish it doesn’t but it does.  Everywhere you turn, every street you want to drive down is torn up, detoured or backed up.  If you ever drive on 35W it has been this way for the last 7-10 years.  Take my examples from the past three nights:

Ex. a.) Two nights ago the tradition of Music and Movies in Loring Park was brought back.  It was a beautiful night.  After walking 20 blocks to my car I decided, “hmm I will just the take the freeway home, it has to be better than going down Lyndale and hitting every stoplight.”  Awesome for about 4 minutes before sitting in traffic for 15 at 11:00 p.m.

Ex. b.) Last night I saw “Inception” best movie ever.  Except it was long (now, I’m not complaining) but this once again kept me from beating the closing of lanes down 35.  I partially beat the system by alternate (maybe slower?) routes.

Ex. c.)  Tonight I left my friend’s house at 8:30 p.m.  Perfect timing for driving down 35W and kicking road construction in the shins while listening to “The Chart Show.”

*When the Crosstowns are done I WILL have a celebratory party.  I am not even joking.

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