Saturday DIY Success: Dry Cleaning

As my mountain of clothes that had to go to the dry cleaner grew I thought, “there must be an easier way, a way that I can do this myself.”  After a little googling I discovered I was correct–I could DIY dry clean!  I was excited since I’ve been buying more and more dry clean only clothing lately, I just can’t help it!  As much as I love walking around the corner to my local dry cleaner’s (that doesn’t even have a computer system) I wanted to save a little money (note: I still have to take fancy dresses and coats to the dry cleaner’s so I’m still supporting local businesses).

Here is how you DIY dry clean–since I didn’t know how I assume other’s don’t know- so I’ll do some knowledge sharing.

Step 1: Find the dry clean packet at a discount store. You will probably stare right at it and then ask an employee to help you find it.

I chose to ignore the coupon on the box that says "Save $1!" or I did just not see it until I got

Step 2: Read the directions.  There was a lot in the box–including stain remover which I had purchased separately…another fail.

Dryel should probably pay me for advertising for them.

Step 3: Decide what you want to “wash.” On the package it says you can only put one item at a time in the bag…I think you could put two, but I followed the directions.  Then just put your clothing item in the bag and the dryel refill (that looks like a wet wipe), zip the bag close and put it in the dryer for 30 minutes.

I was slightly nervous because I really, really like this skirt and did not want it ruined.

Step 4: After 30 minutes open the bag and you will find success!

Super cute skirt clean!

Step 5: Embrace the joy of saving money and having your clothes ready for wear in 30 minutes v. a day at the dry cleaner.

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