Summer strangeness

I love this.  Summer warmth is here!  It’s like the sun wants to give us a big hug.  There will be no complaining about “excessive heat” from me.  Strange things happen when it starts to get hot…

I find myself buying A LOT of fruit…or maybe it was just the screaming toddler at the store that somehow pushed me over the edge to buy raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and bananas.

Yes, I will eat all that fruit and yes that's strawberries on my salad.

Don’t worry Mom I had some dairy and peanut butter—all food groups were represented in my dinner.

I wear all black…I know you are thinking, “that girl is craaaaaaaazy.”  For some unknown reason I decided to forgo all fun skirts/dresses and “summer” clothing today at work.  I think it was mostly because I was trying to accomodate some shoes that I am attempting to break in.

Yes I wore these for 9 hours today, no I didn't fall.

You see I’m in a wedding this weekend and I don’t want to trip while walking down the aisle so I think I broke these in.  Jenna, Nathan you guys can get married now; I am ready.

Pavement Failure.  That’s right I saw that on my drive home via the 94.  This caused me a little bit of concern that the pavement that I was driving on at that very moment was going to fail and my car would fall into a giant sinkhole.  Since I was too busy driving to take a picture of “Pavement Failure” I’m going to share this delightful video from MNDot about merging, because people need to learn a few things.

Yes, that’s right you just learned about zipper merging, you are welcome.

Concluding our summer strangeness a certain team that I will not mention by name has been doing surprisingly well, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Hello, summer- welcome to my life!

HAPPY DAY!  It is JUNE!   In honor of June I’ve brought back the summafun list that I generated back in March.  I’m getting closer to achieving my summer dreams (see I have things crossed off!).
  • movies in the park
  • canoeing (considerably easier this year)
  • sunshine  This can keep happening.
  • driving with the windows down  This can keep happening.
  • no more potholes? (my new tires do not like them at all) These are still around–along with new lane closures on 94…suck
  • weddings, lots of weddings! Two down, three to go!
  • Twins games! (and Brewers games and Cubs games) – The Twins record is not stopping me from going to TF and I am not turning into a *gasp* Brewers fan anytime soon
  • outdoor concerts
  • walking briskly around Lake Calhoun with Caribou in hand
  • being caught in thunderstorms in downtown Minneapolis and being taken in by a stranger (hard to say if this will happen again)—AND IT DID.
  • camping!
  • road trips
  • not using the tunnel for 3-5 months at worktunnel? what? 
  • staying up late (always seems ok in the summer)
  • bag toss (outside)
  • go on vacation that work is not forcing you to take
I just added the last one because for the past 3-4 months (or since I got back from my last vacation) I’ve been debating about where to go/what to do.  I have had no awesome ideas or been wowed by great deals.  Until today.  Sun Country via the Groupon wants to sell me a plane ticket for $180 to go somewhere fun….or maybe it’s been narrowed down to Boston or Seattle.   Time will tell if this can become a reality.
Finally, this past weekend I was at my cousin’s grad party and me and my little cousins were content playing on the tire swing.  Ok.  Content until I came over: “I want Amber to push me!”  “No, stop!  Amber, please push me?”  And then I made them push me and all was right with the world.

Tire swings DO = summer happiness!

Weekend WIN!

This weekend was filled with so much FUN!  We threw Jenna a Bachelorette Party!

We've come so far from our East Lake days!

We had a GREAT time: dinner at Chino Latino, fun games and ridiculous stories were told.

Best of all I was reunited with these lovely roommates! Love them!

Random guy who bought us shots was right in saying, “your lives are so much better now.”  Quote of the night.

Saturday, friends Mike and Amanda got married!  Beautiful ceremony—I wish I had taken a picture or two, but I did not.  Believe when I say it was a great wedding!

Sunday morning I woke up and had a good feeling about the Twins game–maybe it was the sunshine?  Well sunny days do not = Twins win.  Tiffany and I were able to score some SWEET seats right behind the Twins dugout.

Here's Danny Valencia, we go way back to our run in at Spring Training.

We remembered our Metrodome-last-game scalping ways of yore and bought $80 seats for $32.50.  Win? I think so–especially when we found out that we had our own lounge and bathroom.

An even better moment was when Kev came in to pitch. We go even farther back to Christmas card exchanges, Twinsfest and Spring Training; we are practically besties.

At some point in the game I decided I was meant to sit in those seats in the rest of my life.

Weekend WIN? YES! (minus the Twins actually winning)

Mid-week mash-up

Some favorites:

1.) Spring (yes AGAIN!) Is it too soon to say spring is here?  No, I think not.  I ate outside for lunch, skipped the jacket going to work and drove with the window all the way down.  Spring also brings about one of my favvvvvvvvvvorite things: Spring Re:treat!  Many memories, friends and stories (chanting for David to eat his food, de-friending David, etc.)

Rachel became our friend at SR 2 years ago! It's our friendiversery!

There will be plenty of f-u-n.

Also, Tami will be joining us for the carpool.  I plan on being better at directions than her.

2.) Phal has settled in nicely to The Office! The early morning sun is her favorite.

Next to my hand sanitizer and the Seal (note: I moved desks--finally!)

3.) I got to deliver bills to The Hopper today! I felt like I should get my picture taken when doing it.  For everyone who does not know the purpose of a Hopper it is the basket in which you place a bill to be formerly introduced in the legislature.  There was even a plaque above the basket that said, “The Hopper.”

4.) The Twins beat the Yankees last night! In 10 innings.  I am confident that they are pulling themselves together.  Maybe they were too distracted when we were at Spring Training to learn what they were suppose to do in a baseball game.  That is my theory for our mediocre start to the season.

Least favorite

1.) Sticker families.   They are most commonly seen on  mini vans, station wagons and suburbans, if not here is an example:

Do you really understand the ridiculousness of this?

I have several reasons for disliking them so much:  a.) Do you want everyone to know your children’s names?  Sounds like a good way for a stranger to kidnap your kiddo.  b.) What happens if your kid who likes soccer decides instead to like basketball?  Do you have to get a whole new family sticker?  c.) They look ridiculous.  d.) Yes, they are still ridiculous stop buying them.

A note to winter

Winter, did you not get the memo I sent?  We said goodbye last week.  Really, it’s time.  I’m sick of seeing all your snow:

Snow that won't leave Minneapolis. Ever.

Spring is maybe my least favorite season….except when this happens, I like this:

I would welcome this part of spring with open arms.

Since I’m pretty much over snow I will move onto more important things like listing some favorite summer activities/goals.  We’ll call this a preliminary Summafun list, but really it’s never to early to think of summer–so here are some things to be looking forward to:

  • movies in the park
  • canoeing (considerably easier this year)
  • sunshine
  • driving with the windows down
  • no more potholes? (my new tires do not like them at all)
  • weddings, lots of weddings!
  • Twins games! (and Brewers games and Cubs games)
  • outdoor concerts
  • walking briskly around Lake Calhoun with Caribou in hand
  • being caught in thunderstorms in downtown Minneapolis and being taken in by a stranger (hard to say if this will happen again)
  • camping!
  • road trips
  • not using the tunnel for 3-5 months at work
  • staying up late (always seems ok in the summer)
  • bag toss (outside)

Winter, see these things cannot be done when you are here.  Please leave soon.  Thank you.

Vacation= happiness

February = snow and cold in Minnesota but warmth and sunshine in states like Florida….so me and three of my friends headed to Florida for a few days.

We had so much fun!  The beach was a favorite spot since it was sunny and 80 degrees EVERY day we were there.  It was a small gift after last year’s temps of 60 degrees.

We were trying to jump higher than the dolphins we saw!

Coincidently, the Twins heard we were going to be in town so they decided to start their spring training the day we arrived.  It was mostly magical.

Conveying our emotions going into Spring Training!

We saw many of our favorite players and got pictures with them…we forgot our notebooks of baseball cards.

Finger mustaches were a new trend we were starting with Pavano.

With my quick player identifying skills and Laura’s photography skills we successfully got pictures with the following players: Brian Duensing (P), Carl Pavano (P), Joe Nathan (P), Kevin Slowey (P), Danny Valencia (3B), Matt Capps (P) and Ron Gardenhire (M).  Laura has more pictures posted here.

We wanted to make sure not to distract too many of the players to take away from their practicing…

The coach of the catchers was very motivational for everyone!

Away from the field we had more beach time, took a road trip to the Everglades where we saw millions of alligators and cruised around in the convertible.  Vacation success!

How many alligators can you spot?

Vacation= happiness!

We tried to take this home...but Florida mostly just wanted us to stay.

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