…17 again…

I LOVED being 17.  I thought it was the best age.  I really have no idea why, I just remember loving it.  Occasionally I like to forget I’m really 25 and have a job and responsibilities so imagine my excitement when I found this gem at the library this weekend:

Yes, that's right Sweet Valley's back!

Jessica and Elizabeth….10 years later!  Could my life get any better? Yes it could.  I will be reading this book when I am on vacation to Southern California, where the book is set.  !!!!!!!!!!!  All my dreams are coming true. !!!!!!!!!!!

Back to being an adult.  I made a large semi-impulsive purchase today–a new digital camera!  Boom.  Usually it takes me 9257 years to make a decision, but not today.  I read a little consumer reports, researched some prices on the internet and then drove to Best Buy contemplated for about 10 minutes and then bought it.  I have no regrets about this.  Hello beautiful pictures of vacation!

Tomorrow will begin and end the work week for me.  love. love. love.

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