Noah, Joy, John Paul and Co.

This past week I’ve been to not one, but TWO shows.  Were they both delightful? Yes.  Would I recommend them to a friend? Yes.  Last week was the Civil Wars with opener Milo Greene.  I really enjoyed Milo Greene.  I usually listen to obscure music, but I hadn’t even heard this fun band.  They played multiple instruments and they were promptly nicknamed “Mumford and Daughter.”   Here’s a video.   I would like them to visit Minneapolis again one day.

Almost outdone, Joy and John Paul put together a lovely show–not without some awkward dance moves by Joy Williams.

Concert #2- Noah and the Whale with some terrible opener I would like to never hear again (sorry Nikki Lane, you were not my favorite and will probably not become successful with your band).  Then we got to Noah and the Whale–and they were amazing.  They had some great harmonies and mad violin skills and wore suits and were just generally adorable and talented and if they came back to Mpls. I would be there in a heartbeat.  Thanks Beth for introducing me to Noah and co. in California!

Next concert on the horizon is Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps and Dawes on NYE, ringing in 2012 with Dawes and awesome friends–sure to be a great concert!

Hello random…welcome to my Wednesday.

Welcome to “Random Wednesday,” where I will proceed to throw all my random thoughts in one post, ex. I am typing this with one hand under my knee…this makes you probably want to keep reading…

  • First of all: I got a promotion!  Promotion in the Office means you get to do the work you have been doing plus a bunch of other things that still relate to your old position.  I also get to put something fancy like “executive” or “director” in my title.  I will give you a new business card when I see you next.  Get excited.
  • Spotify has revolutionized my life.  I have NO idea why I was holding out for so long.
  • I have made it my new life mission to teach people how to properly merge in Minnesota.  Why do we have to STOP our cars when we enter the freeway when there is SO much room to properly merge.  If you drive on 35W or 94, I’ve probably made you mad.  I’m just trying to help you learn.  You are welcome.
  • It recently became apparent that I have not met everyone in IT that has moved over to our building while I was on vacation.  As a result of an email I sent out yesterday I had to awkwardly introduce myself in front of many co-workers to one of the IT staff who has been in our office for two weeks (and who I had not previously met), there were phrases thrown out like, “Is this happening? Are you really just meeting now?” and “Amber is shy.”
  • Fun Family Christmas  (FFC) preparations are underway…!  As I started a trend of ugly sweaters (I had two for last Christmas) I feel I must really step it up for this Christmas.  Therefore, ugly Christmas sweater shopping is probably going to start this weekend.  I’ve also already decided on the AWESOME gift that I will be bringing.  I also need to find a hat…anyone who is up for Christmas-related thrifting let me know.  Once again FFC will include fireworks.  Actually, I think it is a requirement that ALL our family functions require fireworks…
  • Noah and the Whales will be in town Monday night.  If you love them too you should tell me and we should get tickets. You can also pretend you love them and go with me.  I will accept that.
  • I’m going to the Civil Wars tonight…I’M GOING TO THE CIVIL WARS TONIGHT!!!  (I wish I was that excited about my Civil War related meeting tomorrow night.)

Some favorites…

There were too many things I wanted to write about so, I’m just going to try to include them all.  Right here, right now–before I get distracted with dry cleaning my clothes myself or something half as fun.  So, here are some of my recent favorites:

1.) Macy’s Flower show.  It was like we went to springtime in Europe.  Here are a few pictures for you to take in the magic.

We saw the Eiffel Tower, amazing.

We saw lots of beautiful flowers, just like we would in Europe.

It was all so delightful!

...just another day in Europe...

2.)  The Civil Wars. (a band –not the actual war).  My co-worker heard me listening to them and thought we were in a therapist’s office–which is even more ironic because we are doing a lot of Civil War (like the real war) research in the office.)  They are all over the place.

3.) The idea of an office plant becoming a reality.  Ever since the a certain major event that happened in the office in 2008, plants just haven’t been staying alive.  I think we’ve stopped caring (or stopped watering).  I’m going to change that–especially since the desk I moved to gets hours of natural sunlight every morning, I thought I should take advantage of that.  I got a few plant suggestions via the facebook.  Feel free to add to the list.

  • cactus
  • rosemary
  • jade plant
  • peace lily

4.) Finally some ridiculousness.  I’ve been informed that the Cobra from the Bronx Zoo is still on the loose (where did it go it is NYC?).  It has now set up twitter: @BronxZooCobra (  Here are some great tweets- “A lot of people are asking how I can tweet with no access to a computer or fingers. Ever heard of an iPhone? Duh.” or this one- “Holding very still in the snake exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. This is gonna be hilarious!” The best one has to be: “Anyone know if Rebecca Black lives in NYC? No reason.” (Thank you Chris for finding that twitter feed.)  Amazing.

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