Lesson Learned: Push that Panic Button

Session brings everyone to my building, most of the time it’s easier to just avoid the halls, most the time that’s tricky to do (especially if you need to use the bathroom or get coffee or eat food).  We’re only three days into session and I’ve ran away–yep, ran in the back door of my office– from lobbyists, pointed lost interns in the right direction (they were looking for me) and almost got shot (may be an exaggeration).  Continue reading for the story, except you Mom, just stop reading now.

Yesterday, upon returning from the restroom I ran into a man looking slightly confused.  He didn’t know where to go and being my helpful self I asked him if he needed help.  Then for a good 15 minutes he proceeded to tell me his whole story about people being out to get him, the police keeping tabs on him and other crazy things.  As we’re still talking in the hall he proceeds to tell me about the gun he bought and how he would take matters into his own hands.  That got me back to paying attention again.  Not knowing what else to do I told him to come into my office to see if I could find a number of where to direct him to help.  After I found an apparently useless phone number, he took another 20 minutes and told me and my co-worker about his dilemmas.   After this saga we were running out of ways to get him to leave our office.  At one point I thought that he would never leave.  Then out of his pocket (seemingly out of nowhere) came papers, my co-worker and I both thought it was going to be a gun.  Soon after that we were able to send him on his way. Security was called, a report filed and someone (mostly me) got a stern lecture about pushing the panic button.  Lesson learned.  Always push the panic button and try to be less friendly.

Bonus! Here’s a show I think is HILARIOUS.  They love recycling almost as much as I do.


Hello random…welcome to my Wednesday.

Welcome to “Random Wednesday,” where I will proceed to throw all my random thoughts in one post, ex. I am typing this with one hand under my knee…this makes you probably want to keep reading…

  • First of all: I got a promotion!  Promotion in the Office means you get to do the work you have been doing plus a bunch of other things that still relate to your old position.  I also get to put something fancy like “executive” or “director” in my title.  I will give you a new business card when I see you next.  Get excited.
  • Spotify has revolutionized my life.  I have NO idea why I was holding out for so long.
  • I have made it my new life mission to teach people how to properly merge in Minnesota.  Why do we have to STOP our cars when we enter the freeway when there is SO much room to properly merge.  If you drive on 35W or 94, I’ve probably made you mad.  I’m just trying to help you learn.  You are welcome.
  • It recently became apparent that I have not met everyone in IT that has moved over to our building while I was on vacation.  As a result of an email I sent out yesterday I had to awkwardly introduce myself in front of many co-workers to one of the IT staff who has been in our office for two weeks (and who I had not previously met), there were phrases thrown out like, “Is this happening? Are you really just meeting now?” and “Amber is shy.”
  • Fun Family Christmas  (FFC) preparations are underway…!  As I started a trend of ugly sweaters (I had two for last Christmas) I feel I must really step it up for this Christmas.  Therefore, ugly Christmas sweater shopping is probably going to start this weekend.  I’ve also already decided on the AWESOME gift that I will be bringing.  I also need to find a hat…anyone who is up for Christmas-related thrifting let me know.  Once again FFC will include fireworks.  Actually, I think it is a requirement that ALL our family functions require fireworks…
  • Noah and the Whales will be in town Monday night.  If you love them too you should tell me and we should get tickets. You can also pretend you love them and go with me.  I will accept that.
  • I’m going to the Civil Wars tonight…I’M GOING TO THE CIVIL WARS TONIGHT!!!  (I wish I was that excited about my Civil War related meeting tomorrow night.)

We’re celebrating!

There was SO much excitement today in The Office when I realized we were celebrating a special day tomorrow.  There was mostly excitement on my end when I wholeheartly agreed to make cupcakes for said day…although there was discussion that if I didn’t make treats there would BE treats at lunch.  Don’t worry co-workers, I may have outdid myself.

Any guesses as to what we are celebrating?

Yes, that's red, white and blue...and yes that's a flaming W on my shirt (GO WARRIORS!)

p.s. If you don’t love politics you probably won’t know.  Unless you know random facts about holidays that fall on September 17.

p.p.s. Baking may have been interrupted by dance parties to the like of Bon Iver (interpretive) and Foster the People (fist pumps)…I’m sure you expect nothing less from me.

Countdown to the Shutdown (and other thoughts)

Sometimes things are uncertain in life, like if you are going to go to work next Friday.  Hence the paper chain, Countdown to the Shutdown:

Special shout out to Chris who made this for me!

So far I am not essential.  No one in my office is.   I’m just embracing it right now because there is nothing I can do about it.  Nothing.  Except maybe plan awesome parties.  PPC is in full swing in the Office.  What’s PPC you ask?  Party Planning Committee.  My co-worker and I decided to take over this important role when a 30 year work anniversary was almost forgotten.  Never fear.  There will be a card, treats of some kind (awkward cake!) and fun tomorrow, just in time for the anniversary.  Next week there might be treats every day, co-worker bonding before we don’t see each other for an uncertain amount of time.

Other things I am embracing, coffee.  What is happening to my life? I drank 3 cups of coffee this morning.  3 cups.  I somehow manage to get my boss to make it for me.  He told me, “you keep drinking it and I’ll keep making it.” Awesome.  Caffeine is making my mornings super productive.

Apart from the Office.  My life has been full of saying hello to new friends, saying see you later to roommate and her husband, watching the Twins win (sweet baby Drew) and planning for my summer vacation (WOO!)

Here are some fun activities I have come up with so far (or others have thought of for me):

  • going to the beach (I already have a Friday afternoon beach invitation with ex-co-worker)
  • catching up on the teen paranormal romance genre of books
  • learn a language
  • go on vacation
  • look for a new car
  • take my brother on college visits
  • knit
  • watch Parks and Rec
  • learn new dances (who remembers Soulja Boi drama senior year?)
If anyone has some more ideas for me, let me know I’ll have some down time.

A lesson in numbers

I have this secret talent of remembering dates.  If you tell me your birthday I will remember it forever.  Unfortunately this is the only numbers-related talent I have, so I embrace it.

This comes in handy for my job.  I schedule a bazillion things a week for my job and then someone will ask me, “what’s going on July 14?” and boom I can list off the three things on the calendar for that date.   Awesome, right?

Today’s conversation at The Office went something like this:

Boss: “So this weekend’s really busy, especially on Saturday…”

Me:  (looking over the calendar) “Yes, Saturday you will be busy.”

Boss: “And Sunday I have a few things too.”

Me:  “Yeah, and Sunday is your anniversary.”

Boss: panicked look…”THIS SUNDAY?”

Me: “Yes, June 12th, right?”

Boss: “I forgot all about that, I better start planning!”

Life lesson: even if your anniversary is on a calendar you look at everyday you may forget.  If you are lucky someone will just remind you of all the important dates in your life.

Cannons and hoopskirts: 150

150- that’s the number of years it’s been since the start of the Civil War.  The Office loves civic engagement and people get all crazy about anything Civil War related.  We just put together a little thing at the Cap., which started with a near death experience this morning involving a cart of blue books, a co-worker, myself, the tunnel and then someone who jumped in to help us push a cart.  After we survived that exciting things happened.

Guests arrived, including three cannons.   They weren’t as gigantic as I was thinking they would be, but could damage marble nonetheless (and it took 4 members of the NG to get these in).

Getting these inside took some convincing.

Other guests that arrived included real people.  People from the Civil War, wearing their Civil War apparel.

Do not be confused, this is not me.

So many re-enactors.

We had a 14 year old Civil War buff lead the Pledge during the program.  He was a little nervous so I gave him a few tips.

Notice the slight hoopness of my skirt.  That counts, right?

Also major shout out to the Gov’s office who arranged a special photo with the 14 year old and the Governor at the last minute.  Awesome? Yes.

Speaking of the Governor, he came.


At the end of the program there was a picture on the Cap steps.  People loved the event and had lots of wonderful things to say about The Office.  I’ll chalk this up as another thing I never thought I’d be doing but turned out to be pretty great.

…and what I do.

People always ask me what I do when they hear about The Office and that I’m an executive assistant.  It’s hard to summarize what I do in a few short phrases since I do something different almost every day.  First, here are some things I do not do:

  • Make or get coffee.  It’s a disaster if I ever have to do this.
  • Make wardrobe decisions for anyone (except in extreme circumstances)
  • Work really late (only sometimes)
  • Check my email all the time, people you can wait until Monday
  • Travel with my boss (everyone tries to invite me to their dinners)
Since all those misconceptions of my job are out of the way here are some things I get to do:

Try to find the most random thing I wrote on the board today!

Besides the board, here are a few random things I have done in the past 2.5 years (some things I have chosen not to mention):

  • talked to the White House
  • hung up on the Governor
  • wooed random boys with the fancy law books
  • Found a way to get Civil War cannons into the capitol (in process)
  • thrown a few office parties
  • took pictures on Target Field
  • helped prepare congressional testimony

As you can see, super random.  Bonus points if anyone found the most random thing I wrote on the board.  If you couldn’t find it I wrote, “e-mail Ryan in Gov’s office and remind him he is awesome.”  I don’t even know Ryan, but he is helping me out with an event so he gets major awesome points.

Holidays, Twins, trees


One of my favorite holidays is Administrative Professionals Day.  Who remembers it? No one.  Some years it is not even remembered until 3:30 in the afternoon.  Not this year at The Office.  The moment I walked in the door my co-worker exclaimed, “There is cake!  Happy Administrative Professionals Day!”  Exciting because I had forgotten about this–even noting a week earlier that I was sure everyone was going to forget.   This year they remembered: a card, a plant, and as we refer to it, awkward cake (aka when we all stand around and have cake and sometimes there is singing and lots of talk about that thing our office does).  It was so wonderful and I loved every moment of it.

Moving on: the Twins.  

Do we want to talk about it? Probably not but it’s happening, so we should.  Last night was my first time this season back at Target Field.  Still very much love it.

If you look close you will see little snowflakes.


  • Everyone is sick with the flue* or injured or doesn’t want to play.
  • Eric Hacker pitched.  Who is Eric Hacker and how is he on our team?
  • How does a Florida team beat a Minnesota team while playing in the snow?
  • Drew Butera’s favorite store is Nordstroms.  Where is Joe?
  • Christmas songs are substituted for all other songs when it snows at TF.  “Twinter Wonderland,” instant hit.
  • The new scoreboard and Twins tower really completes the field.
  • Centerfield looks empty.  Come back pine trees.
  • Justin’s back.  That’s a relief.
  • Sing-a-long still happens.  PTL.
*Flue- when you are sick for months and can’t play baseball.  Example: Joe, Justin, Delmon
I look forward to making some memories of us winning when I return to TF.
From the Star Tribune:

If you’re looking for the shadiest place in Minneapolis this summer, head to the Lynnhurst neighborhood off the southeast shore of Lake Harriet.

The neighborhood ranks first in the city in the proportion of urban tree cover that blankets its homes, businesses and parks. Nearly 49 percent of its area, which includes a portion of Minnehaha Creek, is covered, according to a first-of-its-kind study of the city’s canopy that used high-resolution satellite technology.

This is my neighborhood! Win!

Irrational (but rational) fear

…of all the things to worry about at The Office I come to read this:

As the weather warmed up, mice took up residence under the dome. Despite the best efforts of Capitol engineers, they’ve thrice been seen in the press corps offices and other spots in the basement. (If you want to join the effort to name the mouse use the hashtag#namethecapitolpressmouse on Twitter. See some of the suggestions here.) Full Star Tribune article

This may be one of my great, irrational fears: mice.  Maybe it’s because of the family stories of mice—you know the one found floating in the crockpot, the one in the hubcap, the toaster, the bathroom at my grandparent’s house…

I’m mostly focusing on watching where I walk (especially in the basement) and keeping my feet up at my desk.  I’m taking any chances.

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