Secrets I want to share: Thrifting.

Everyone loves a good deal.  I am no exception.  The Office dress code is business casual and I like to wear a lot of dresses and skirts (another secret I only have one suit coat).   Since dresses and skirts cost a lot of dollars I usually find a lot of cute and practical outfits at my favorite Minneapolis thrift stores.  Here are some helpful tips on stores to go to and what to look for.

  • Go in with no expectations.  This is usually when I find the best clothing.
  • Disregard all sizes.  Sizes are misleading, just look for things you think might fit you and then try them on.  Sometimes you will be surprised.
  • Don’t be afraid to try on something you think might not look good on you.  Belts or cardigans can be your best friend.
  • Consider the price.  Sometimes clothing items are marked up way too high.  Ex.: today I found a cuttttte dress that I wanted to buy but the zipper had a hole in it and it was still $18.  What the heck?  I had to leave it behind.
Now that I shared how to look for deals, now I will tell you where to look–here are some of my favs:
  • Buffalo Exchange, located in Uptown I usually don’t have a problem finding something here.  Pros: they have nice stuff and very well organized, they love the Earth; Cons: it’s in Uptown so parking is tricky and prices are a little higher than they maybe should be.
  • Everyday People, locations in Uptown and St. Paul.  Pros:  reasonable prices;  Cons:  The racks are always SO full or high it is hard to see stuff (and my arms get tired), again parking.
  • Goodwill, best location, Bloomington.  Pros: great prices; Cons: so much stuff to look at it can be overwhelming.
Also, make sure to never buy a Twins shirts.  I have 4 “new” Twins shirts all found at Goodwill.

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