Thrifting: and then THIS happened

Let’s all put aside our judging about wearing animal fur.  I am the first to admit: I never thought I would be doing this.   Could I pass this up?  No, no I could not.

Adorable, yes?

That might be real animal fur.  It’s hard to tell.  It was also thrifted, so the animal has been gone for some time, maybe since the 1970s…so I bought it.  It is in amazing condition and orginally from a high-end department store in Faribault.  The price?  $12.50.  Boom.  Please don’t throw paint on me.  Seriously.  Pretend it’s fake.

Also, my mom kept calling me Mary Tyler Moore, so I'll be wearing this while throwing my hat in the air.

Thrift and win.

Sometimes you just come out a winner.  Today I ventured to the Salvation Army downtown, on the recommendation of my friend Kari.  There was so much to look at.  So much.  Since I recently decided I needed more flannel in my life I spent a lot of time looking at the flannel options. Imagine my surprise (and my unbelievably good luck) when I found a shirt from The Gap that I eyed some time ago (maybe even last year) in my size and only $3.99.  If I remember correctly it was originally somewhere in the $65 range which is why I said, “I love it but I have to pass,” in the first place.  Downside of a $3.99 shirt, a little hole has to be sewn, so I’ll just bust out those skills.

Flannel and ruffles, how much better could it be?

Also, some favorite music as of late, that I have found to be recommendable.  Enjoy!

  • Ani Difranco, Lifeboat
  • Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks (although I heard them on mainstream radio lately, which means everyone will soon love them…)
  • The Givers, Saw You First
  • Chameleon/Comedian, Kathleen Edwards
  • So American, Portugal. The Man
  • Filthy Halls, Apple Horse

Friday Five.

This past week has been SO busy- so Friday Five: five awesome things from the past week.

5.)  I take that back.  Not everything was awesome, but this one was hilarious.  Monday night I arrived at church for some Beth Moore study—upon my arrival I noticed the building was dark and locked.  I called a friend that worked at the church and he told me how to enter and disarm the alarm.  Seemed pretty easy…until the alarm went off, I became nearly deaf and was left with a giant raised bruise…

4.)  Black Friday shopping.  Let’s be honest, no one in my house was crazy enough to stand in lines…so we went to a thrift store in the late morning.  I was super excited to find a coat.  I paid $10 for it along with a pair of earrings.  Win? Win!

My siblings think this looks like Christmas...

3.)  Approximately 25.5 years ago my Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jon bought me a savings bond they paid $25 for.  I found it this weekend and took it to the bank and they gave me $96.50.   It pays (pun intended) to keep your savings bonds in a drawer for 25.5 years.  Thanks Rosie and Jon!

2.) Last weekend was all kinds of fun!  My friends Scott and Molly came down to Faribault with me to see my little brother in a play.  He was a GREAT mad doctor.  Then Saturday night we went to Jerry Seinfeld, even I was surprised by how much I laughed (thanks Scott!).  There was also a bridal shower and birthday coffee for Jenna’s bday thrown in too…oh and some snow.  I would call it a weekend success.

Oh and the play was all about zombies, note the blood.

1.)  Then of course Thanksgiving!  Some words to describe  family Thanksgiving: unicycles, turkey, Utilitarianism, Black Friday ads, Lady Gaga, Cranium, 60 degrees, baby!

Hello random…welcome to my Wednesday.

Welcome to “Random Wednesday,” where I will proceed to throw all my random thoughts in one post, ex. I am typing this with one hand under my knee…this makes you probably want to keep reading…

  • First of all: I got a promotion!  Promotion in the Office means you get to do the work you have been doing plus a bunch of other things that still relate to your old position.  I also get to put something fancy like “executive” or “director” in my title.  I will give you a new business card when I see you next.  Get excited.
  • Spotify has revolutionized my life.  I have NO idea why I was holding out for so long.
  • I have made it my new life mission to teach people how to properly merge in Minnesota.  Why do we have to STOP our cars when we enter the freeway when there is SO much room to properly merge.  If you drive on 35W or 94, I’ve probably made you mad.  I’m just trying to help you learn.  You are welcome.
  • It recently became apparent that I have not met everyone in IT that has moved over to our building while I was on vacation.  As a result of an email I sent out yesterday I had to awkwardly introduce myself in front of many co-workers to one of the IT staff who has been in our office for two weeks (and who I had not previously met), there were phrases thrown out like, “Is this happening? Are you really just meeting now?” and “Amber is shy.”
  • Fun Family Christmas  (FFC) preparations are underway…!  As I started a trend of ugly sweaters (I had two for last Christmas) I feel I must really step it up for this Christmas.  Therefore, ugly Christmas sweater shopping is probably going to start this weekend.  I’ve also already decided on the AWESOME gift that I will be bringing.  I also need to find a hat…anyone who is up for Christmas-related thrifting let me know.  Once again FFC will include fireworks.  Actually, I think it is a requirement that ALL our family functions require fireworks…
  • Noah and the Whales will be in town Monday night.  If you love them too you should tell me and we should get tickets. You can also pretend you love them and go with me.  I will accept that.
  • I’m going to the Civil Wars tonight…I’M GOING TO THE CIVIL WARS TONIGHT!!!  (I wish I was that excited about my Civil War related meeting tomorrow night.)

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