Twin series: Tickets, they can be confusing

One of the most important things you will actually do as a fan is attend a game, but to go to a game you need a ticket.  This can be tricky and confusing if you go into the situation without a few helpful tips.

March 19, 2011 is right around the corner.  This is the day single game tickets will go on sale.  Some of us may be standing in line to buy tickets.  I would recommend you find a few good friends, throw together a spreadsheet of the games you want and head on down to Target Field.  You also have the option of purchasing tickets over the phone or the internet but then you have to pay extra service fees, and do you really want to do that?  No, no you don’t.  If you don’t go you might miss the following: showing the ticket people your awesome spreadsheet!

and getting free things--like cracker jacks!

...and seeing TC!

Target Field is a magical place even in March, but before actually buying the tickets you should probably consider where you want to sit.  The “cheap” seats are still really great seats–especially the Skyline view–you actually feel like you are sitting IN downtown it’s great.  Home Run Porch can get very warm in the midday sun so that wasn’t a favorite spot–especially with sitting in front of the gigantic scoreboard but now that there is a new scoreboard I would give HR porch another shot.  My favorite spot to sit last year was the left field bleachers.  Close to the action, close to the bullpen and amongst the most “serious” fans.

....from these seats you could share your fruit snacks with Delmon!

I have not sat in a bad seat in Target Field; every seat offers a different, unique angle and you don’t have to strain your neck to see plays, it is amazing.  Wherever you end up at TF you will be glad you made the right choice to buy tickets.

Twins series: How to meet the players

Before posting details about how to get tickets, what to do at Target Field, etc. this will answer one of the most important questions everyone has: how to meet the players. I’ll be honest–it’s not easy but read on for some helpful tips.

Twinsfest is a great place to get pictures taken/autographs.  This year was my first time ever attending Twinsfest and although I was unsure of what to expect it turned out to be well worth the drive and time commitment.  If you want pictures and autographs you have to be willing to spend a little bit of money ($25 + a long line for Joe Mauer) but if you look over the schedule just right and happen to see that your favorite player is taking pictures for only $3 you are in luck!  There was also photo ops with TC  (always take a picture with TC whenever possible).

TC is always up for a picture.

When meeting players you might want to have something random/awkward to say.  For example, when meeting Kevin Slowey I thanked him for the Christmas card and asked if he received ours.


For the more dedicated fans who want to take a vacation in February I would highly recommend attending Twins Spring Training in Ft. Myers, FL.  You will not regret it.  We went the first full day pitchers and catchers reported and because we were younger than 95% of the people that were there we got a lot of photo ops.  If you are going to make the commitment to go to Florida you should make sure you can identify many of the players (since they aren’t running around in practice with their names on the back of their shirts).  If you have access to a roster you should probably take advantage of that too since there are a lot of newbies running around.  Also, if you know their names they might think you are already friends and will definitely come over for a picture with you.

Ex: I knew Kevin's name even though he is not wearing a jersey and looks like the average guy walking around camp.

If you want pictures/autographs consider going to training in the late morning–since practices end around noon most days.  A little planning and you can meet lots of players after they are done with their practice–again knowing their name helps (and in some cases favorite foods too).

During the season a few players do a “Baseball Unplugged” session for fans.  Although I have not been to one of these I have read great things–basically they take fan questions and do an autograph session.  The dates/times for these are obscurely placed on the Twins site.

Finally a great way to meet players is to just run into them on the street—if you live in Maple Grove the likelihood of a player actually being your neighbor increases by 50%.  If this does happen for sure get a picture because otherwise it might not be believable that you ran into Joe Mauer at Lunds in NE Minneapolis.

New blog series: How to be a Twins fan

A new blog series is about to began.  It will be centered around the Minnesota Twins (I know you are probably surprised).  The posts will focus in on some tips of the trade I’ve learned about being a Twins fan.  I was inspired by a few good friends who wanted to know how they could expand their Twins knowledge going into this season–this will be in place of the seminars that I’ve been discussing lately via the facebook.

After reading these posts you too will know  the following:

How to meet a player (and make them laugh).

Danny certainly remembered us.

When to buy tickets/where to sit at Target Field this season.

Our plan for buying tickets will be revealed!

What blogs/news sources/twitter feeds you can read for the most interesting stories and information.

What to do when you find yourself at the stadium before a game and what to expect during the game.

Some photos are not optional.


And finally, what everyone wants to know: how to get yourself onto Target Field before a game.

Officially and legitimately on the field before a game.

I am excited to write these posts and help you all become more well informed fans!

Vacation= happiness

February = snow and cold in Minnesota but warmth and sunshine in states like Florida….so me and three of my friends headed to Florida for a few days.

We had so much fun!  The beach was a favorite spot since it was sunny and 80 degrees EVERY day we were there.  It was a small gift after last year’s temps of 60 degrees.

We were trying to jump higher than the dolphins we saw!

Coincidently, the Twins heard we were going to be in town so they decided to start their spring training the day we arrived.  It was mostly magical.

Conveying our emotions going into Spring Training!

We saw many of our favorite players and got pictures with them…we forgot our notebooks of baseball cards.

Finger mustaches were a new trend we were starting with Pavano.

With my quick player identifying skills and Laura’s photography skills we successfully got pictures with the following players: Brian Duensing (P), Carl Pavano (P), Joe Nathan (P), Kevin Slowey (P), Danny Valencia (3B), Matt Capps (P) and Ron Gardenhire (M).  Laura has more pictures posted here.

We wanted to make sure not to distract too many of the players to take away from their practicing…

The coach of the catchers was very motivational for everyone!

Away from the field we had more beach time, took a road trip to the Everglades where we saw millions of alligators and cruised around in the convertible.  Vacation success!

How many alligators can you spot?

Vacation= happiness!

We tried to take this home...but Florida mostly just wanted us to stay.

Fall clinches the magic

Goodbye summer, hello fall–it’s here and life has gotten suddenly busy (and magical for Twins fans!)  Here is a short summary of my (really busy September):

I’ve been hanging a lot with some of my favorite people!

Do you know who is who?

Special shout out to Laura for drawing such an awesome picture of our small group. Everyone will want to join us for sure!

I also forgot to mention we our friend Beth came with us on vacation!

We took Beth on vacation with us to Argentina.

Yes dear ones, that is Beth Moore with eating ice cream with us.  She’s going to be helping Laura and I lead a women’s large group Bible study at Hope.  We are so excited to start that up in a few weeks.  There has been lots of preparation/planning and it looks like we will have over 30 women joining us!  PTL!

Lastly, my September has been full of lots of baseball…I have one more home game and then maybe some playoff games to attend.  Of course there’s the blogs to follow, playoff talking to be done and the general education of people who do not know anything about the Twins.

Home sweet home

October is going to be magical that’s for sure.

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