Month of happiness…!

The last time I posted was back in February– I KNOW, I know- FEBRUARY.  That was so long ago.  I guess a lot has happened…in two months…in two weeks…so here’s a brief recap of things that have made me happy lately.

A wedding!

My friends David and Lindsey got married in early March.  They are really wonderful.  Their wedding was wonderful.  It has been so fun to see them fall in love!

Friends reunited! (photo credit to Laura--her pictures are always so amazing)

Girl Scout Cookies!

This year at the Office a co-worker’s daughter sold us all GS cookies.  I think it’s not just the number cookies I have consumed (let’s not talk about that) but probably the fact that GS cookies make every situation better.  Have to go testify in committee?  Let me give you a GS cookie.  Had a terrible meeting?  GS cookie.  I am fairly confident they are getting us through session.

Of Monsters and Men!

Like like like this band a lot.  I discovered them last summer (before they were popular) and this past week they played a sold out show in Mpls.  They were SO great.   I’ll be buying their album when it comes out this week.

A boy!

I went to California a few weeks ago to visit friends and see a boy…it was SO good.

It turns out that this boy, Marc is pretty awesome and we’re pretty happy!  He likes things I like: obscure indie music, local brews, The Hunger Games, baseball, Jesus and adventures…he’s also good at convincing me to to like awesome things like Disney.  Yep, totally went to Disney and LOVED it (we’re all surprised).  We’re pretty pumped for fun trips on the horizon–he’s coming to Mpls soon and then there’s Boston in May for: baseball, breweries and history (if only it started with a “B”…)…yep, really liking this guy…

Now that March is caught up, April can properly start.

Wedding weekend marathon wrap-up…

Before I get to the wedding weekend marathon wrap-up, things have been happening.  I’ve been growing up.  Now that I’m 25.5 (yes, I just had my half birthday!) I’ve been drinking coffee.  I mentioned it before but now it’s become more of an addiction—like I get headaches if I don’t have some caffeine.  Awesome.  Today I thought, “it is time I learned HOW to make coffee.” Yep, for the past three months I’ve been relying on others–my boss, Caribou, etc. to make it for me.  It’s worked until nobody is there…and then I did some googling and boom: I’m an adult and can make my own coffee. (actually it wasn’t that great and it needed to be way stronger, live and learn.

Other exciting things have been happening (I mean, coffee making IS pretty exciting but there’s more…).  The puzzle is done.  Yes, three weeks I dedicated to this baby.

1000 pieces done.

I would count that as one of my 2011 successes.

This past weekend I did a little wedding attending…and by little I mean a lot.  Friday was my cousin Lindsey’s wedding to Brent!  It was a full on family affair: “Table 12 is the FUN table.”  (aka the cousin’s table NOT the kid’s table Kristina)…

I like to make the little brother take pictures with me.

I also make the bride take pictures with me! (photo credits to my mom)

The wedding dance was a fun time.  There was the whole awkward part of another bride showing up–maybe she was confused as to which room her wedding dance was being held in?  It makes for a good story now.  Congratulations Brent and Lindsey!

Annnnnnnnnnnd then after sleeping for 6 1/2 hours I woke at 6 a.m. to drive to wedding number two for the weekend (wedding marathon).  My dear friend Anna married Dan (I want to call them Danna).

Their wedding was SO beautiful and precious—from the vows to the dress to the cake pops to their hour wedding dance.  I loved it!

Clearly, the wedding reception was at Circus World, a place I had never known that I would always want to go to.

me, JaNahn and Laura with Anna, the lovely bride! (photo credits to Laura)

Congratulations Dan and Anna!  Wedding marathon weekend was SO much fun.  That closes out wedding season 2011, but fear not there is more to summer besides weddings.  In the coming weeks: friend staycation, the State Fair (yes, that’s happening again), rooftop movies (tonight!) and lots more summer fun!

p.s. The dog that bit me does not have rabies!  Hooray!

Urban music…and more weddingness

I pretty much covered wedding weekend in the post below….however, I failed to mention one of my favorite stories of the night: the wedding DJ.

The DJ did a great job, he played all the songs the bride and groom requested, people were dancing- having a great time, etc.  At one point I requested a song, here was our conversation:

A: Can you play “Low?”

DJ: “OH that’s on the playlist, and I’ll be playing more of the urban music as the night goes on, I’m working my way up to that.”

A: (Puzzled by what urban music is)…”well you are the professional”

DJ: “Yeah, I am.”

end convo.

Here is what the DJ played during the “urban music” time:

  • Just Dance
  • Shout
  • Twist and Shout
  • Party in the USA
  • Low
…see how I am confused about what urban music is?
And now some more wedding pictures:

The flowers were gorgeous!

love this picture!

Nathan and Jenna's niece was so adorable!

Cutting the delicious cake!

It’s a love story, baby just say yes (she did!)

On of my very best friends got married yesterday.  Here is my version of Jenna and Nathan’s love story (it’s a good one).

Once upon a time Jenna and I were friends with a boy named Neil:

College, so. many. stories.

We went to college with Neil and his fun friends from Zumbrota.  Some of our favorite memories from senior year involve Neil, Kevin and co–ie. wine party, jersey party, Friday/Saturday nights downtown.

Neil had a brother that also went to Winona but graduated a few semesters before us and moved to Texas.  One day after we were all graduated from college Neil and his lovely wife Kristin suggested that Jenna tell Neil’s brother Nathan “happy birthday” via the facebook.

After a visit to Minnesota by Nathan, a reunion with the old Winona crew and an intense line of questioning by me and Julie (what is your driving record?) Nathan and Jenna started dating…!

Yes, I took the first couple picture. love.

Then came yesterday!  The Winona crew was reunited to celebrate a wedding!

We had a beautiful day to celebrate!

Jenna is the first of the 201 girls to get married.  Who would have predicted that?

Love these girls.

Any Winona reunion would not be complete without the JJ pose from Kevin and Jenna.

They still got it.

…or with a Sheehan picture!

Freshman Sheehan ladies- Carly, Sarah, Sarah, Jenna, me and Alyssa! (If only I would have lived on 8/9!)

It was such a joy to see Jenna fall in love with Nathan!  I’m so glad I got to be part of your special day Jenna!

love her!


Summer strangeness

I love this.  Summer warmth is here!  It’s like the sun wants to give us a big hug.  There will be no complaining about “excessive heat” from me.  Strange things happen when it starts to get hot…

I find myself buying A LOT of fruit…or maybe it was just the screaming toddler at the store that somehow pushed me over the edge to buy raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and bananas.

Yes, I will eat all that fruit and yes that's strawberries on my salad.

Don’t worry Mom I had some dairy and peanut butter—all food groups were represented in my dinner.

I wear all black…I know you are thinking, “that girl is craaaaaaaazy.”  For some unknown reason I decided to forgo all fun skirts/dresses and “summer” clothing today at work.  I think it was mostly because I was trying to accomodate some shoes that I am attempting to break in.

Yes I wore these for 9 hours today, no I didn't fall.

You see I’m in a wedding this weekend and I don’t want to trip while walking down the aisle so I think I broke these in.  Jenna, Nathan you guys can get married now; I am ready.

Pavement Failure.  That’s right I saw that on my drive home via the 94.  This caused me a little bit of concern that the pavement that I was driving on at that very moment was going to fail and my car would fall into a giant sinkhole.  Since I was too busy driving to take a picture of “Pavement Failure” I’m going to share this delightful video from MNDot about merging, because people need to learn a few things.

Yes, that’s right you just learned about zipper merging, you are welcome.

Concluding our summer strangeness a certain team that I will not mention by name has been doing surprisingly well, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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