Pick your battles (and win)

Several days weeks ago on June 8 I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company.  The letter told me I would billed $162.00 for a recent eye appointment.  What. the. hay.

At this point it was not yet a bill so I thought, maybe they will forget and never send me an actual bill.  They did not forget and last week I got a bill.  This was mostly confusing to me because I had gone to the same eye doctor before and not paid any dollars to get my eyes checked.  The same insurance had covered it.  The only difference was my doctor had since moved to a different practice.

I was outraged!

Not wanting to pay $162 when I am soon going to be on funemployment summer vacation I decided to give the insurance company a call not expecting anything to happen.  (Especially since I hardly ever use my awesome health insurance—one perk of being a public servant.)  I explained the situation and they explained how my eye doctor is now “out of network.”  So silly.  My mistake for not checking….until they said they would cover it this ONE time.

Thanks insurance company! You made my day so much better.


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