Friday Five.

This past week has been SO busy- so Friday Five: five awesome things from the past week.

5.)  I take that back.  Not everything was awesome, but this one was hilarious.  Monday night I arrived at church for some Beth Moore study—upon my arrival I noticed the building was dark and locked.  I called a friend that worked at the church and he told me how to enter and disarm the alarm.  Seemed pretty easy…until the alarm went off, I became nearly deaf and was left with a giant raised bruise…

4.)  Black Friday shopping.  Let’s be honest, no one in my house was crazy enough to stand in lines…so we went to a thrift store in the late morning.  I was super excited to find a coat.  I paid $10 for it along with a pair of earrings.  Win? Win!

My siblings think this looks like Christmas...

3.)  Approximately 25.5 years ago my Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jon bought me a savings bond they paid $25 for.  I found it this weekend and took it to the bank and they gave me $96.50.   It pays (pun intended) to keep your savings bonds in a drawer for 25.5 years.  Thanks Rosie and Jon!

2.) Last weekend was all kinds of fun!  My friends Scott and Molly came down to Faribault with me to see my little brother in a play.  He was a GREAT mad doctor.  Then Saturday night we went to Jerry Seinfeld, even I was surprised by how much I laughed (thanks Scott!).  There was also a bridal shower and birthday coffee for Jenna’s bday thrown in too…oh and some snow.  I would call it a weekend success.

Oh and the play was all about zombies, note the blood.

1.)  Then of course Thanksgiving!  Some words to describe  family Thanksgiving: unicycles, turkey, Utilitarianism, Black Friday ads, Lady Gaga, Cranium, 60 degrees, baby!

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