A note to winter

Winter, did you not get the memo I sent?  We said goodbye last week.  Really, it’s time.  I’m sick of seeing all your snow:

Snow that won't leave Minneapolis. Ever.

Spring is maybe my least favorite season….except when this happens, I like this:

I would welcome this part of spring with open arms.

Since I’m pretty much over snow I will move onto more important things like listing some favorite summer activities/goals.  We’ll call this a preliminary Summafun list, but really it’s never to early to think of summer–so here are some things to be looking forward to:

  • movies in the park
  • canoeing (considerably easier this year)
  • sunshine
  • driving with the windows down
  • no more potholes? (my new tires do not like them at all)
  • weddings, lots of weddings!
  • Twins games! (and Brewers games and Cubs games)
  • outdoor concerts
  • walking briskly around Lake Calhoun with Caribou in hand
  • being caught in thunderstorms in downtown Minneapolis and being taken in by a stranger (hard to say if this will happen again)
  • camping!
  • road trips
  • not using the tunnel for 3-5 months at work
  • staying up late (always seems ok in the summer)
  • bag toss (outside)

Winter, see these things cannot be done when you are here.  Please leave soon.  Thank you.

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