Summer is…road trips!

Summer calls for road trips.  I recently embarked on the Great Wisconsin Road Trip.  Destinations included Milwaukee and Appleton.  It was a delightful weekend filled with fun! I enjoyed being out of Minnesota so much (and I really appreciated when things like rest stops were open–esp. after you have a Gaga dance party in your car and your leg cramps up and you need to stop immeadiately).

My first stop was Milwaukee.  About two minutes after arriving in Milwaukee we went on a brewery tour.  They make it well worth your money to take the tour and give you plenty to drink…you also learn about brewing beer (pretty much what you would expect on a brewery tour).

On the tour you get this glass (but don't be fooled because that's not really Lakefront beer in there).

Saturday was spent wandering around Milwaukee.  It was delightful.  There was a walk to the Farmer’s Marker (complete with seeing dogs in strollers and hipster babies); walks around neighborhoods (so many cute houses!) and ice cream and cheese (probably the most cheese I have ate before 11:00 a.m.)

Hello Milwaukee!

Thanks for showing me Milwaukee Chris!

The Great Wisconsin Road Trip continued Saturday afternoon when I went to Appleton to see my sister.  We took a trolley ride around the downtown/river, got chased down by a mascot (frightening) and my sister found $20 at a park (win!).

Mir wanted to show me the Fox Valley of yesteryear so we took a trip to a museum.

We learned all of Harry Houdini's secrets while trying not to be attacked by lions (Fact: WI loves lion and cow statues).

I spent maybe 20 seconds trying to figure out how Harry Houdini broke out of this jail cell. I should be a magician.

Thanks for a fun weekend sister!

Road trip success!  Will I go back to Wisconsin again? Yes in several weeks when I go to the Circus Capitol of the World…stay tuned for that fun adventure—I’ve been told there is plenty of blogging material there.

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